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Chef Pappy Says:

Things do not just happen.  Things are made to happen.  Follow your dreams!


Growing up in the Bahamas was a great place for me.  I remember as a child, my grandmother and mother were always in the kitchen, cooking.  It was the center of our home.  Love was there.  Acceptance was there.  Safety was there.  It was a place where you felt good!

My mother and grandmother used all of the meats and fish, vegetables and fruits along with various spices of the Bahamas to make really good food.  They made traditional dishes and some favorite "family" recipies.  You know the ones - no written ingredients or instructions.  They used what they had, creating something for the dinner table. The kitchen was a wonderful representation of the Carribean.

I love to see people - family, friends, and others enjoy each other's company as they dine on delectable cuisine.  Good conversation, lots of smiles and happy memories are on hand at the Island Crew.

Just as my mother and grandmother, I like to take lots of ingredients full of color and flavor, mix them up and create new recipies!  Just take a look at the menu entrees and you will see what I mean.

When I am not cooking, I like to relax at the beach.  The water and raggae music!  There is no better combination for me when it is time to step outside the kitchen.

I invite you to stop by the Island Crew and visit us for a unique dining experience. Go to the islands without the travel and expense!  The Island Crew is cooking for you! Homemade Carribean food!

Personal Tidbit's

My favorite food to cook is chicken

My favorite dish is Pappys Special

My favorite meal is dinner!!!

I always start my day with a egg & cheese sandwich!

Hard work and building my dream is my inspiration & motivation 

Please continue your support for Haiti by making a donation today, Haiti still needs your help.​ I travel once a year to Haiti bringing school supplies, clothes, shoes and personal needs for the children!

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